Gommage Facial


The most delicate of scrubs, made of almond meal and rose petal.  You will love the pure, natural feel of it. 30 mls.



Gommage Facial   This gentle Facial Exfoliant doubles as a hydrating and nutritive mask.  Gentle grain exfoliators remove dull dead skin while petals nourish and plump to reveal a soft, supple and dewy glow. Typical Ingredients:  Amandes moulues, Pétales de Rose, Chamonile Allemande, Melissa

Quick Exfoliant: Sprinkle 1/2 tsp of Almond Exfoliant in with your Cleanser for an exfoliating cleanser. Or to use as a quick exfoliant alone, moisten face and hands. Place 1/2 tsp in palm and trickle in a few more drops of water. Massage and exfoliate over skin and rinse. Use 2-3x per week.

Exfoliating/Hydrating Mask:  Put 1/2 tsp Almond Exfoliant into a small dish. Trickle in a bit of water with your fingers until its just slightly runny. Allow to steep and thicken for a few minutes. The mask will thicken to a rich oatmeal consistency. Pat and massage onto skin to exfoliate. Leave on for 10-20 more minutes, then rinse. Follow with Elixir and Serum.

Keep in a cool dry area



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