I am blessed to have returned to live at the place of my formative years.  Within the forest and on the side of a small lake in the Outaouais of Western Quebec, I live at Elderberry Cottage. 

I serve locally  and abroad, clients come for coaching and spiritual guidance; a lot of this work is done online. 

Ceremonies are held at Elderberry, funeral homes, wedding venues and private locations; more and more there are virtual celebrations.  During the year,  I host retreats and programs to explore health, true freedom and creative living models. 


Since 1991

Life Cycle Celebrant

Counsellor and Teacher 

Helping you to raise your spirit to vibrant health and radiant beauty!

I am trained as a Life Counsellor & Coach, ordained as a Reverend of Metaphysics, Life Cycle Celebrant and Third Party Neutral.  Several other recognitions provide breadth and depth to my work.

I provide Life Celebrations and Sacred Ceremonies honouring Life’s rites of passage and those of Mother Earth..   With the love of beauty and pure practices,  we create beautiful weddings, memorials and other ceremonies that capture the spirit of what you envision for your special day. 

Individuals and businesses who seek me out are primarily those ready for deeper authenticity and connection, be it personal or in business.  Coaches & facilitators interested in metaphysics and holistic practices are always welcome.

There is ongoing interest in speaking at conferences and of facilitating community-building sessions.  

In the clinic at Elderberry Cottage on Thorne, other services include health support through the ancient Ayurveda approach to health and nutrition. 

I love to walk the forest, create Celtic mandalas, and dance to ancient music. 

I love that our paths are twisted and turned, sometimes gnarled along the way.  Along my way, some milestones that have contributed to what and how I am today. 

What they Say

Working with Sharron has been a true blessing. Right from the beginning, when we first met,, I could feel the energy shifting and a  powerful healing coursing throughout my body, and into my entire being. Her sage counsel and bright intuition helped me make some simple changes in my diet and lifestyle which led to profound improvements in a number of painful and annoying symptoms I had been experiencing for years! The follow-up care and counselling deepened the healing, reinforced my own sense of what I needed to become healthier, and initiated a soothing course of self-care that has had lasting implications, not only in my physical body but also in my beliefs, my emotions, my mind and my soul.

She is truly a gifted, caring, wise healer, and I would highly recommend her services!

T – 2017

Sharron's Journal

More samplings of what they say…

The experience was beyond my expectations.  My life has really taken off as a result of these teachings from Sharron.

I’ve gained self-awareness, confidence, and an array of tools for me to continue my quest of mind body and soul healing. I gathered loads of useful skills to help me along my path to personal evolution, deepening my overall experience of life and relationships too!

Sharron has taught me to be better in all I do.  I have learned to hone my skills of self awareness, to have deeper levels of consciousness, and not always needing to find immediate answers.  I recommend Sharron to anyone looking to go to another level of their evolution and enhance their existing lives.

Sharron’s training was a deep and profound experience for me.  My soul reached a higher level of awareness and the connection with Higher Power is stronger and greater now.  I am inspired to continue my inner work and to see the world with an open heart.  But most of all, the true blessing was to finally move from fear to love.  It is so wonderful to live from that place.  

P- 2017

Sharron is delightful, intuitive, heartfelt, synchronistic …. a beautiful meld of insights bringing forth realizations for the here and now … and after our last session together, I feel I am still gaining understanding which is marvelous!  I simply love hanging out with her – she helps my heart to sing!” Elizabeth, Astrologer.  Thank you, Sharron!!

E. – Astrologer 2014