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I’m a Life Counselor and Life Cycle Celebrant. I facilitate vibrant living experiences.

My passion is to bring light to your life and to celebrate life’s transitions..  I speak on all things sacred and spread the wisdom from my life’s journey.

This is serious stuff  – yet – I like to work with joy and laughter, so yup, that’s part of our journey together. 

We beautifully weave ancient ways with modern times to guide you into a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. In the mix, we work with Ceremony, Ritual and modalities to rekindle our innate connections to the heavens and the earth.

The ancient traditions and a good sprinkle of a contemporary world; these bring a magnificent result.


Sharron Cosgrove

Life Coach | Teacher

Life Cycle Celebrant

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Life Guidance

As a Life Counselor and Guide it gives me great pleasure to hold the space while you shift and shape your life into a place of comfort and ease.  Learn More

End of Life

One of life’s most memorable moments is honouring those who have moved on.  Important timings and opportunities to honour and to empower our journey as we move on. 

Facilitating Change

Change is what life’s all about! With a background in Change Management and Sustainability I’ve assisted at both the corporate and the community levels.  Learn More

Life Divine


Online training sessions.  Tune in for our schedule on workshops on creating an awesome lifestyle, nutrition, seasonal cleanses. and for practitioners Ayurveda Massage and Therapies. Learn More

Brilliance Gathers

We Gather, We Play at Life We Grow
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Earth Based Celebrations

Rituals | Dance



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